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At NC Planning, we aim to provide efficient planning and continuous legal protection to all our clients. We offer peace of mind to families and business owners with our Estate and Business Planning services.

To ensure we are addressing all our clients’ needs, we believe in a team approach and feel it is necessary to involve their advisory team as much as possible throughout the planning process. We value open communication with our client’s advisors and know that this is an element that sometimes gets dropped in typical client-attorney relationships leading to less effective results and plans. From start to finish, we want to make sure our clients are communicating and properly planning for each area of their lives.

Trusted Resources

We maintain a database of all the advisors we work with and from that database, we developed a list that we have titled “Trusted Resources”. The advisors that we place on this list are ones we know we can refer our clients to and we can trust that our clients will be provided the level of service we expect. We typically provide clients with 2-3 referrals and allow them to personally decide who would make the best fit.

What Types of Advisors Do We Work With?

We welcome any professional advisor who contributes to the planning of our client’s future. Areas where other advisors are typically involved include:

  • Wealth Management and Financial Planning
  • Life, Health and Disability Insurance
  • Banking/Mortgage/Commercial Lending
  • Trustee Services
  • CPA, Accounting
  • Liability/Loss and Personal/Casualty Insurance
  • Business Consultant or Broker
  • Business Broker
  • Real Estate
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Elder Care & Associated Services

How Do We Include Advisors in the Planning Process?

The most common types of Advisors we work with are Financial Advisors and Wealth Management professionals.

  • We make connections early on: The initial questionnaire our clients fill out includes a section for them to list any other professionals with which they would like to be connected. In our first meeting, we will go over this information and see who they’re missing from their advisory team and refer accordingly.
  • We check in throughout the planning process: If a client is missing any financial information or is unsure of certain decisions, with his or her permission we will reach out to their appropriate advisor(s) to determine the best plan of action.
  • We follow up after a client’s plan is implemented: After a client has signed their estate plan and it is in effect, we will reach out to their Financial Advisor to coordinate beneficiary designations accordingly and share any mutual information as desired and directed by the client.
  • We maintain ongoing communication with mutual clients: Depending on the clients’ situation and needs, we are happy to meet with them and their advisory team on an annual or bi-annual basis. This ensures our clients’ plan stays up to date throughout the years.

What To Ask and Listen For:

When we ask clients what motivated them to create or update their estate plan, most of the time the reason is because their advisor suggested it. If an individual is visiting with their Financial Advisor, he or she is already spending the time, money and effort to plan for their financial future. This is a great time to suggest that they create or update their estate plan. We have all seen the consequences of not coordinating beneficiaries and updating certain documents correctly. Your client will appreciate your suggestion and probably ask for a referral.

Asking simple questions, like “Do you have a will?” or “Do you have a plan in case something were to happen?” will spark conversation and hopefully motivate them to plan for this type of situation. Even if they already have a plan in place, it could still be beneficial to have us review it with them to ensure it is structured for tax efficiency and is still consistent with their wishes.

The Most Common Planning Items We Assist With:

  • Creating and updating estate planning documents including wills, trusts and powers of attorney.
  • Probate and Estate Administration assistance if a client or a client’s loved one passes away
  • Asset protection, Medicaid planning and Veteran’s assistance for aging clients or client’s parents.
  • Various items business owners encounter including entity formation, leases and agreements, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Professional practice planning for dentists, doctors and veterinarians.

How Do I Refer Your Firm?

Your clients can reach us by calling (919) 900-4720 or emailing us at One of our friendly legal assistants will connect with them and schedule a no-commitment consultation.


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