Kayoua Lee-Difiore - Legal Assistant

Kayoua Lee Difiore
Kayoua grew up in a serving household, where she was raised to understand that community mattered as much as family. As she developed in her career, she carried this philosophy with her every step of the way. Through her position at NC Planning as an estate administration paralegal, she’s able to connect with her community directly, and help them navigate the process of estate administration.

Along with the NC Planning team, she can be found advocating for her clients by listening to their questions and concerns and helping them to develop key and beneficial talking points that will serve them throughout the process of estate administration. She’s further encouraged and motivated by these same questions and concerns by turning them into a solution-driven process that provides transparency and purpose. Her contributions make her a valuable member to the NC Planning team as they strive to put client first and build relations.

But when she’s not consumed by estate administration process planning, she can be found visiting family or volunteering through various organizations with her husband. When called upon, Kayoua can be found volunteering on smaller political trails, offering her services in data and political research and analysis.