What We Do

At NC Planning our goal is to make sure that all individuals, families and businesses have some type of plan in place.

To create an effective plan that addresses a client’s specific goals and objectives, an advisor needs to first understand the client’s situation, goals, and concerns. By effectively and efficiently communicating with the client from the beginning, our advisors make sure changes or questions are addressed quickly and properly within the planning process. We believe that the communication aspect of this effective planning process is the key element that sometimes gets dropped in typical client-attorney relationships, which leads to less effective results and plans.

What We Do

As time is everyone’s most valuable and cherished asset, we also strive to look for new and effective ways to communicate. Through the use of technology available in the practice of law, we can enhance the ease and ability of clients to communicate with their attorney throughout the representation and planning process. The more convenient these communication tools can be for a client, the more likely they are to truly provide input and take full advantage of the planning process. Making the estate planning and business planning as convenient, cost-effective, and valuable as possible, leads to truly successful services in which clients can see the benefits – this is what we strive to provide.

We see each new client matter as the start of a long-term relationship. As such, our advisors ensure the client feels our services are truly a value-add to their personal life or business.  In doing so, we focus on making sure the client feels ownership over their plan, now and as time continues. By communicating the steps involved in the planning process, continually working to improve that process, and sharing new information and resources to clients as law and the environment surrounding those changes, we are better situated to ensure the client’s needs are met not only for today, but also for tomorrow. A client’s legal plan needs to grow and change as the individual or business client grows or changes, and we strive to make sure our clients are informed as to when updating and revisits to the plan are necessary.

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